City Moto Racer 1.0

A free motorcycle racing game in which players collect gold coins and power ups

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City Moto Racer is a free motorcycle racing game with an engaging progression system.

City Moto Racer is a free game. You can download it, install it and play it as much as you want for free. In addition to being on Windows, it is available on Android, as a Flash game on the Web and more. City Moto Racer is a particular type of platform game known as an endless runner.

An endless runner is a nonstop game in which you control an avatar that cannot stop its forward momentum. There is no end to the level. You will eventually lose, so to speak, so the goal is usually to travel the farthest distance or collect the most coins, and in this case, it is both.

In City Moto Racer, your avatar is a motorcycle, and the environment in which you race is the road. You may be racing down a two-lane road in the country with palm trees and large rocks on either side, or you may be racing down a four-lane road through an urban cityscape. In either environment, there is same-way traffic to avoid and coins and powerups to collect. A crash ends the round.

There are five motorcycles from which to choose, but you will not have access to all of them immediately. The Hunter model is given to you for free. The Eagle costs 1,000 coins. The Racer costs 3,000 coins. The Racer-X costs 4,000 coins, and the F1-Bike costs 5,000 coins. These upgrades are significant and will be the focal point of your progression early on. After all, the F1-Bike achieves speeds of 160 kmh whereas the hunter goes only 120 kmh.

Once you have purchased all of the bikes, the coins you collect are still worthwhile to you. There is a store where you can purchase nitrous upgrades as well as magnet upgrades. These upgrades are good for just a single game, so you will have to keep buying them, and you can stack them as high as you can afford. The nitrous boost lets you race farther and go greater distances, and the magnetic upgrade lets you collect coins from greater and thus safer distances.

The goal of the game is to break your high scores and travel greater distances. Upgrading your motorcycle will let you go faster and farther, but it will also present a greater challenge. More nitrous will present greater challenges too, but as you master them, then you will be able to achieve greater success, which is really where the enjoyment in City Moto Racer lies.

Level selection is the one area where City Moto Racer falls short. There are just two levels, which are the aforementioned cityscape and countryside. It is worth mentioning that endless runners often have just one environment, but even in those cases, the environments evolve as you progress. Even a half dozen levels here would add a great deal of replay value.


  • Free game
  • Endless runner gameplay


  • Level selection

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